Pretty much this is just a palette that contains pretty-shimmery colors that's perfect for both day and night looks. ;) These palettes are for only 125 php

Careline Eyeshadow x3 in Marshmallow

I really love how pink really compliments violet, especially when they're in a pastel shade. The vibe is just neat and girly.

Careline Eyeshadow x3 in Popsicle

 I'd wear this shades in my day and night looks. nice and light at the day, edgy and glittery at night.

I would definitely wear this day or night. The blue shades makes it wearable in the day, the gray or black makes it wearable in the night.

Careline Eyeshadow x3 in Jellybean

 I still don't know how I am going to shade this. 

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