Happy New Year every one and happy 1st anniversary for my blog! So much happened last year and I'm pretty thankful for that and I am praying that 2014 would be a better year for me, and to start 2014 I made a shortlist of things that I hope I'd be getting through out the year. Most of it are gadgets because in three months, I'd be graduating highschool and I'd be entering collage and I have to juggle collage and blogging. Please help me purchase these stuffs by hiring me as your web designer, sponsoring posts, and be your stylist. See my web designing portfolio here.

Pocket Wifi - this would really help me monitor everything when I'm not home and I can just go everywhere and still keep everything on track. It will help me search homeworks because I rarely finish my homeworks at home so I have to do some of it on the way or on school. 

DSLR - I really need a camera that has high resolution and can video because I wanna try vlogging. I do love to take photos and this can really help me capture precious moments and not messing it up because of crappy cameras capturing blurred and noisy photos. 

Windows 8 Laptop - I can really use my own laptop now, I've been using my brother's laptop all along and sometimes we have conflicts about schedules that we both have to use his laptop. This is the same laptop that my brother had. (DT hahahaha)

iPad Mini - I often get lazy and I don't like bringing heavy stuffs. iPad mini can be really handy in my school works. :)

Flat Boots - I have endless love for flat boots (I prefer flats because it's comfortable and I don't need the extra height because I am already tall.) that started last year. I think I want to build a new collection. 

Hard disks - Who doesn't love to watch movies, my brother and I (together with my sister) fight all the time because we like download movies and series and the files eat up his laptop's memory.

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