First day of school after the two-week vacation of ours, enough with the holidays and let's face the reality, lose those pounds we gained. My siblings and I spent our vacation at our grandmother's house and guess what, there's no wifi there! I spent my week without wifi and away from my blog, I got time to watch some movies from HBO and Star Movies, text my friends and listen to these awesome tracks. Here are some of the tracks I got hooked into. :) 

Birdy - Fave Picks

Seriously hooked into Birdy's songs, it's just mellow and I can feel her words, it just speaks to me. I'm so into her music, I've memorized the songs in her album in just 2 days haha. Besides, she's in my age bracket. Why in the world I don't have a voice just like her. :( She's 2 years older than me and there she is making records and I just sit here waiting for my life to be on the spotlight. haha

Ed Sheeran - Fave Picks

Who doesn't love the British ginger who looks like Rupert Grint, seriously speaking, when I was watching him in his iTunes Festival performance, my mom thought he's actually Rupert Grint, she asked me if he's the guy from Harry Potter. I lolled after she said that. The first song I've heard from his album was "Fall", I was just trolling around YouTube back then, and when I heard that song, I just craved for more and more, then he got famous because of his songs Give Me Love, The A Team and Lego House. Don't you just hate it when you liked something then it goes mainstream? Well, we don't want to be that selfish b-tch right? :)

Ellie Goulding - Fave Picks

Long before I've encountered Ellie G's songs, I came across her because I was stalking Jeremy Irvine because I love him, haha I've loved him since War Horse then Now Is Good. I am just that jealous because Ellie has (well had because they've already broke up) Jeremy and has that indescribable voice. My mom's favorite song is "Anything Could Happen".

Lorde - Fave Picks

So much for the british invasion on my phone, haha I've been listening to "Royals" weeks before it was a hit on the countdowns. My friend told me to send her some songs (I sent her Royals) then she liked it. When we, together with my other friend listened to it, my other friend told us that the song sucked and she didn't like it... Days after she tagged me on Twitter and told me she got LSSed and she've memorized it already. hahahha

Maroon 5 - Fave Picks

The songs were like written to comfort those broken girls longing to be loved. Who new Adam can do acting jobs? Have you watched the pilot episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum? He looks really awesome and actually does really well.

Paramore - Fave Picks

I love Paramore's new album and every track's worth listening to! Really hope those interludes were longer. Don't you just love it that Hayley does their songs better live? She doesn't use autotune and the fact that she can rock every hair color is just really awesome. Anyone here who likes her wardrobe change? She've completely changed those shirt-pants days to those really cool outfits. She looks like a grunge doll. 

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