When I am at home, I'm really not a fan of putting earphones, thanks to Digits Trading, they sent me this super badass speaker! At first I thought it will produce not much of a loud sound because it was small, well I was wrong, the moment I plugged it on my phone, I was really impressed how it delivers big sound compared to it's size. For the price of 1,290 pesos, it will be all worth it! Just look at the specs and performance it gives you!

The built-in, high-performance Lithium-ion battery provides 8 hours of continuous listening and can be charged from any USB source. It will also hold on to 50% of its power for 3 months, when not in use. An LED light and audio prompts will also alert you when power is low.

The Move S Wired can be teamed up with a second or third speaker using the TeamPlay feature.Just plug the 3.5mm cable from the additional speaker or speakers into the Aux-out port for bigger sound. 

A thick, protective silicon sleeve is smooth to the touch, making these portable speakers feel at home in your hand while also defending against knocks or bumps. An organic shape, lightness in weight and compact size make the MOVE S Wired truly portable and pocket friendly.

An integrated 3.5mm cable connects this portable speaker to any smartphone or tablet. Just plug the cable into the headphone port and you’re good to go. With up to 8 hours of battery life when fully charged, it’s ready when you are.

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