Obviously I have two cosmetic bags because it's easier for me to locate my stuffs and it came as a set from Tommy Hilfiger, a gift from Born Fashionista. My heart dropped when I saw these pouches, seriously, aren't these adorable? It has it's own Narnia inside the bag, hahaha


1. Paganini Hair Brush - I use hair brush after using my comb, I don't know why I do that.

2. Hair Comb - I like hair combs that the teeth are widely apart, I have thick hair and they are always tangled so I don't like combs that has very fine teeth. I also love this comb because I can have a good grip at it!

3. Pink Water actiV Perfume (So In Love) - I can't leave the house without spraying some perfume.

4. Hygienix Hand Spray (Citrus Sunshine) - Let's be more hygienic.

5. Oil of Argan - The tips of my hair are really damaged because I had my ombre last summer so I have to put Argan Oil time to time to keep it healthy. Thanks to Opium by Cece for giving me this.

6. Careline Oil Control Face Powder (Oriental)- I also have an oily face so I have to put powder everytime I feel like putting some.

7. Bath and Body Works (Japanese Cherry Blossom) - Aside from my hand spray, I also have my sanitizer.

8. Careline Oil Control Liquid Foundation (Oriental) - I have to get rid of my pimple marks and uneven tones so I use this liquid foundation before putting face powder.

9. Revlon CustomEyes Mascara (Brown Black) - I rarely use this because we are not allowed to wear obvious makeups at school so, I only use this if there's an event or culminating activities at school so I will be photo ready. haha

10. Tommy Hilfiger Pouch - was given to me by Born Fashionista! It looks small but trust me, all of the items above fits!


1 and 2. EB Matte Eyeshadow Trios (Tango & Jazz) - These come really handy for me when we have unplanned outings.

3 and 4. Eucerin Plus Hand Creme and Neutrogena Hand Creme - I love it when my hands are really soft, these provide prompt help for me.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Pouch

6 and 7. Careline Magic Lipstick (iLike & Ohh-Em-Gee) - Can't go out of the house without dabbing light tint on my lips.

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