Beauty box has been sent me some of their products and I'm super stoked to make a review for the shop! You can check out more of their products at their Facebook page: Beauty Box

This whitening lotion is super cool because it has immediate effects and can actually last for a long time.

You can just add a little bit of the lotion on your skin and once you've rubbed it on your skin, you can actually see that it's turning to white.

The only I don't like about it is the small, it smelled like some chemicals but it was tolerable. You can see immediate effects after just 3-4 rubs and it's not that sticky.

I am eternally amazed how this mask works, you have to mix the powder with any water with a 1:1 ratio. After mixing it and putting it on your face, the mask starts to dry up and will tighten your face, try to smile after 2-3 minutes you'll be amazed haha.
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