Long time no beauty post people! Been busy with school lately because of our examinations, luckily, I passed all the test! yieeeeh. I am not a grade conscious person, I only want the grade that I deserve. :) Anyways, I'm here to talk about Cathy Doll's : Romantique Lip Shea Stick. It comes with a super adorable packaging, it looks like a briefcase!

The case of the lipstick surely is a balance of class and kawaii-ness. (I know Cathy Doll is a native Korean product and kawaii is a Japanese term for cute.) I love how they molded the lipstick into a heart shape, it gives more appeal to the user. 

I love this product because I don't have to use that much, meaning, I can savor the product and use it for a long time! You just put a little on your lips, it might look pale at first but when you rub your lips with your finger or rub your lips together, the color will intensify and gives you the right hue. :) I can go out all day without worrying that my lips would chip because this has SPF 15+++!

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