Hey guys! I just wanted to share to you the items that got my attention when I was trolling around xx 

Scarf Sun Hat $29.00 (top) || Candy Color Stud Decor Wallet $33.92 (bottom)

American Horror Story: Coven made me love more black outfits and made me love floppy hats, on the other half, because of Tumblr, I have started to love pastels and soft hues, matching soft shades with edgy stuffs such as studs and spikes makes me super happy, two of my favorites things in one item. My favorite pastel shade so far is sea foam to minty shade. I also love wallets that are big enough to carry my cards, coins, and my phone. 

I love hanging around with small bags and I've been over-using my Nine West bag. When I go to places and walk around, I don't like carrying big bags with me because it hurts my back or shoulder, and I am not organized when I used big bags because I'll just throw random things inside of it and I'll get super messy. So with small bags, I can get organized and put only my necessities and get rid of random things. The neon-pink-accented rucksack, I can use it for school, I love how the neon pink can illuminate the frame of the bag and be an accent. When going to school, especially when running late, I'd often throw things inside of my bag and leave the house, so having a spacious bag is a huge deal for me. 

Qupid Enrich-147 $34.00 (left) || Anne Michelle Enzo-53 $31.00 (middle) || Privileged Anouk Mermaid Shimmer $58.00 (right)

My second favorite type of shoes (boots being the first) are wedges, they can be super fashionable and I can gain that +3 inches height and still be comfortable with walking. The classic gold stiletto, I'm super in love with classic items, things that cannot go out of style and is eternal. God I want this for my prom. O-M-G this baby is sooooo pretty, probably, if ever I would be able to wear this goddess, I'd be just wearing once in my lifetime. The glitter pattern looks like it's mimicking the tail of a mermaid. I want to be a mermaid. ❤

Dreaming of Pistachio Dress $47.00 (left) || Color Blockade Dress $16.00 (middle) || Southwestern Sassy Sweater $39.99 (right)

As I have told you, I really like sea-foam and minty shades and I'm quite claustrophobic and I don't like tight clothes so I'm into flowy-chiffon clothes. I love every single shade of red and black, that would be my signature color, I really love red, especifically oxblood or burgundy. Tumblr has played a huge part on my blogging "career" from reblogging, to being inspired. All those hipster stuffs made me dream higher, I love everything hipster. 
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