Hey guys! Long time no outfit post loooooool, for sure my friends will try their best to mock me sooner or later. But anyways, Highschool and I have finally come to an end! Part of me is happy and part of me is sad, I have to bid goodbye to the people and to the memories who made highschool special. 3 months from now, I'll embark on a new phase of my journey towards my future. 

A month ago, Dresslily.com's marketing officer emailed me and told me they want to sport some goods for me, I got uberly stoked because I'll get to choose the items that they'll send me. I got my self these pair of basic suede stilettos! Such cuties but they don't quite fit me well because I thought they offer US size so I got myself a size 8. But anyway, I can bare with that :)

Party Solid Color and Round Toe Design Women's Pumps

Adding 4-5 inches to my height kinda bared with my weight haha, wanna start a paandar soon hahah I'm really eager to cut out those pounds! Another thing I got from Dresslily.com is a rucksack, I can use this in college hihi. I always love my schoolbags big and mock Narnia, so I can put a lot of stuff in it. I am basically late in everything so I put whatever I need inside my bag but I make sure to organize it on the road because I always misplaced pretty much a lot of my things. I have settled my eyes from another rucksack from Dresslily's and it was a pretty leather rucksack but I remembered that it can get crazily hot here in the Philippines and the leather will start to chip and I will sooner or later just destroy it.  

Laconic Preppy Style Casual Canvas Buckle and Covered Closure Design Women's Satchel

Bart Simpson Shirt : Romwe (same here) ; Jacket : Club Room ; Pants : Gloria Vanderbuilt 
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