Tired of having a soft style? Here's how you can switch your style up without investing huge on new clothes, you can buy the basics and mix it up with your present style. 

(clockwise) Black Maxi Dress $18.87 || Black Leather Jacket $23.56 || Rose Strap Bag $9.77 

Got that black chiffon maxi dress? You can get edgier when you partner it up with a nice leather jacket. Leather jackets can really change your life, having a piece can make you rock all outfits even if you're lazy to choose your pieces, nothing can go wrong with a leather jacket. Partner these up with a rose colored strap bag to add a pop of color.

With your pastel maxi dress, you can still partner it with matte jacket just like the one above. The pastel color dress can highlight the jacket. For shoes, you can pair your outfit with these UNIF Hellhound inspired platforms, you can buy these at MartOfChina.com for only $26.10, the original hellhound can reach up to $250. That's a huge deal isn't it?!

(clockwise) Polka Dot printed Maxi Dress $19.38 ||  Burgundy Blazer $20.71 || Dazzled Red Pumps $26.10
Looking for more casual look? For office, date nights, etc. You can look both edgy and soft with a printed chiffon maxi dress partnered with a burgundy/oxblood colored blazer. Gain those extra 3 inches by wearing a red pumps to look more professional.
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