The weather here in the Philippines in getting super cray cray, one day it's too cold, one day it's too hot and there's no in between! Anyways, don't you just adore bands/singers who perform better when they sing live? Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy are one of them. The reason why "No One's Gonna Find Her In the Dark" is the title of this post because I saw a YouTube video that mashed-up the two songs, Miss Jackson (Panic! At The Disco) and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Fall Out Boy) and from the moment I heard it, I thought that mash-up was super genius. (YouTube video embedded at the bottom of the post)

             Most of my clothes are from my relatives from outside of the Philippines, since I don't get out of our house that much, I dress myself super lazy, I pick clothes that's on top of my closet. Also I don't like buying clothes from malls and other places because I allot most of my money for movies, gadgets and maybe school. If I buy clothes, I buy from night markets, thrift shops, and Divisoria. When you go to Manila, it is mandatory that you have to go to Divisoria, they sell super cheap clothes, shoes, and accessories there. Other reason why I shop sometimes at thrift shops is that you can find one of a kind items. 

Accessories : Maison d'Artemis
Denim Top : Style & Co ; Shorts : H&M

Black Riveted Boots : Romwe

No gifts for your love yet? Crumple PH had extended their End of Sale 'till February 15. :)

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