It will be my second time to attend prom soon and I want to share to you my observations on my previous prom. I'm going to share you some dos and donts so you can have a memorable prom.

Do find the right dress with the right fitting. You don't want to be pulling and pulling your dress because it's too loose and falling. You want the night to be carefree and poised. 

Don't overdo your make up. You want to feel simple and classic, wear your make up and don't let your make up wear you. Might as well blend the make up thoroughly, blend it from your face to the neck to the shoulder. 

Do invest in a good heels. If you're not used to wearing heels, you can use wedges that are comfortable and easy to walk in. You're not in a rush so you can walk gracefully and be careful enough not to fall. 

Don't retouch your make up when you're still on the table. It's super unethical and disgraceful to retouch your make up while you're still sitting with your date or bestfriend. There are comfort rooms within the hall, there you can retouch you make up. 

Do paint your nails. Clean your nails ahead of time and paint them. 

Don't use fake tans or out them just the night before your big day. There's a huge percent that you would mess it up and look like an orange on your big day. Do your tans 2 weeks ahead of the event. 

Do to bring the essentials with you. Bring with you your foundation, lipstick, comb, phone, camera, and mints with you. 

Here's my wishlist from

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