How did your valentine's day go? Here's a good selection of scents from Sophia Love that you can wear when you're with your love. :)

Eau de Parfum 

L'huille de Parfum
Solid Perfumes (soon)
Scented Hand & Hand Sanitizers

 Perfume Samplers, Perfume Sets 
Perfume & Bath & Body Sets

Parfum de Maison
Home Fragrance 
(Room Spray, Linen Spray & Pillow Mist) 
Candles (soon)

            They are offering customization of labels for fragrances, sanitizers, etc.

They've customized my bottle and labeled it Lois :) The scent it contains is inspired by Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy. Although I haven't smelled Viva La Juicy, I believe that it smells really good because this one is super nice, it smells fruity, and sweet.

             Hope has a flowery, luscious, elegant scent that will linger on you for the rest of the day.

This one right here is inspired by Chanel, it has powder-ish scent, delicate and has a youthful scent.

Sophia also have a floral, sweet (honey-ish) scent, one of Sophia Love's original scent. I love this scent because it's not strong, it's very mild and delicate.

This smells sweet (obviously), I can wear this scent summer-long and never get bored of it because it smells like flowers and everything sweet about summer.

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