I've been using this Batman shirt a lot, haha Have been reminiscing high school a lot. Batman has been a huge part of my sophomore year, and yes, wouldn't share the details anymore, well if you know the story behind it. Here's a virtual highfive! If you follow me on Twitter (@LoisBaguio) you know I've been hooked to The 1975's music for the past 3 months and I really love the band! One of my favorite is Chocolate, you seriously can't sing the song without Matty's accent, it's like the band's trademark.

When I bought these lovelies from Zalora, I never imagined that this babies would be this high, when I saw these face to face, the first thing that came into my mind was. "woah, crap, I'd be taller than my brother!" 

Top {Head Bangers} ; Skirt {Bazaar} ; Belt {Y.R.Y.S.}
Heels {Zalora} (ZBAP0a0 use to get 15% off)

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