I just feel that Demons's lyric has a very strong message, one line that I really like the most was "No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed." Literally or figuratively, we can try to live a good life, but there are still elements of darkness. It’s best to accept and acknowledge it, and manage things from there. (music video attached at the end of the post.)

These heels are my favorite pair! Seriously, even though they hurt my feet really bad, I still love them. They can be partnered with pants, dresses, shorts, and pretty much everything. I just utterly adore pieces that are versatile.

Shirt {Head Bangers} ; Pants {Gloria Vanderbilt} ; Belt {Y.R.Y.S.}
Doublewear band {Goody} ; Heels {Zalora} (ZBAP0a0 use to get 15% off)

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