// THE 1975 IN MNL //


I've been fangirl-ing for months now, and freaked out when they've announced that they are going to Manila. For me, memorizing the song was pretty hard when you sing-a-long with the music because of Matty's heavy-Manchester-accent. I am pretty proud that I've memorized most of their songs because I love their music, it's unique.

My sister and I went to two shows that day, we went to Market! Market! and Glorietta that day, we had better spots at Market! Market! but it was really hot that day. I've seen some international bands play live and some of them play bad but The 1975 played their songs very normal with high energy, they didn't lip-synced but it was like listening to the studio version.  

They played some of my favorite songs, M.O.N.E.Y., Girls, Sex, Chocolate, Menswear, Pressure, The City, Talk!, Settle Down, Robbers, Heart Out, You and etc. Their Menswear performance at Market! Market! will forever hunt me because Matty's nasal mucus flowed and he didn't notice it until 3-8 seconds haha. Anyway, he's still hot no matter what haha. I wish they played Head.Cars.Bending, Fallingforyou, Antichrist and Anobrain.

I can bear with people filming shows with their phones but not with iPad or tablets. Seriously, who doesn't hate people like that? You come to see them play live, if you're going to watch it on your phone, might as well watch them on Youtube. 

Don't you just love watching George make with unattractive-hot faces and Matty's hair flips when they play. ugggggh, Adam and Matty are so skinnyyyyyyy! So jealous. 

They went wild when they played their last song, Sex, Matty even broke the microphone x microphone holder. I think Matty and Adam will suffer from spinal column deformation when they age haha, I hope not.  Took 650+ photos, made GIFs out of it but these are just some of it. 

comment down below your favorite The 1975 song! :))

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