Sooooooo, hi there! It's been a while, and I'm back! I'm not that sure if I'm back for sure but heyyy, my blog rankings dropped big time when I'm not around so I'll try my best to post some more, maybe 3-4 post per week? 

How is your holy week goin'? I've been watching a lot of asian dramas lately, listening to HAIM, Chvrches, The 1975 and Bastille tracks, sleeping. Because after this week, I'd be attending a lot of blog-connected events and on May, I'd be starting my summer job! Yay! I'd be earning again! yaaaaaay, have been planning to buy a new camera :)

I really don't like accessorizing that much, because I feel that they're heavy, and I find them distracting. I only use earrings :)

Shirt {Oasap} ; Skirt {my sister's} 
Heels {Zalora} (ZBAP0a0 use to get 15% off)

photos by Ellia Baguio

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