Part 3 {Blogging Questions}

{Who takes your outfit pictures?}
Forever alone problems, haha my siblings aren't staying with me and my parents right now because of college, and my parents have work to do 24/7 so basically, I'm stuck with my tripod. 

{What camera do you use?}
Nikon D40 and Nikon S3300

{Your favorite blogs at the moment?}
Paradigma, Tricia Will Go Places, Song of Style

{What type of blogs do you usually read?}
Style, book, music and travel blogs. 

{How long did it take you to have sponsors?}
It took me 5 months of non-stop blogging until I got my first sponsor.

{How did you get sponsors?}
I've found out that you can actually send them sponsorship proposals, so I sent some letters to some shops, but most of them contact me through email. 

{Any advice for someone who would want to start their own blog, but is afraid to fail?}
Don't be afraid to share your thoughts, don't mind people who are bashing your blog, for every basher/hater, there are huge amount of people who will support and adore your blog. Don't let them contain your mind. 
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