Back-to-School Wishlist :)


Here's a list of my Back-to-School Wishlist ft.

 Green Skirt {LINK}
Cat Long Sleeve Blouse {LINK}

Pretty much my life isn't really that colorful, I like to stick with blacks, whites, grays, nude colors and basic things. I am really into the shade of green on the skirt, it's like the shade of green they use in the camou scheme. I am really not a cat-lady, but my sister loves them even though we've never had a pet cat at home, I love dogs more, the bigger the better haha. 

Nude Color Block Dress {LINK}
 Black Maxi Dress {LINK}

Again, I'm currently building my wardrobe right now, I like to hoard some closet essentials right now and to stick with neutral colors first then build it bigger and probably at some point, I'll buy more colorful and printed stuffs soon. 

Bag Purse {LINK}
Shades {LINK}

Apparently I have the weirdest schedule every Tuesdays and Fridays, I have two 30-minutes break each subject and one 1 and a half hour break between classes, so I would love to have a casual attire everyday so I can go out the campus and go to the mall near us. If that's even possible but I'll probably try that one. haha
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