Noticed something different with my hair today? It's the first time in my life that I've parted my hair in the middle. THE FIRST TIME. haha. I don't know if this suits me better or not. It's just that I have a really ginormous head. I've been hunting a black floppy hats like the one they use at AHS: Coven, but they're no where to be found.

I'm really loving black leggings these past few days because they're just really comfortable and easy to style with. It's getting super hot in here in the Philippines so I can't endure wearing thick pair of jeans, so I decided to wear something thin and soft. As for the blouse, it is knitted, some of you may think that it's summer, why is she wearing a sweater. I still think this is appropriate for the weather because it is knitted loosely and it serves as a vent.

Rings {Flea Market} ; Necklace {Personalized Accessories}

Sweater {New York Sweaters} ; Leggings {Style & Co.}

Pumps {Dresslily}

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