Do you ever feel that your face is so heavy at the end of the day and even right after you wake up? Honestly, after I wake up, I have the most bloated face ever. Sometimes, when it's really hot here in the Philippines, my face always get oily specially at school. I commute every time I go to school and the pollution of Manila is really clingy and attracted to me. haha So when I got home, I make sure to wash off those dirt and feel fresh. 

This has some beads in it so you'll feel like you're exfoliating and has a very good scent that gives fruity and fresh scent. 

This is for the people who wants a scent-free cleanser. TIP! I put my cleansers and moisturizers on my chiller/fridge, so when I put it on my face, it will feel cold and good. Adds a refreshing feeling to it. (weird tip tho. haha) 

After cleansing, you have to put moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and soft. This is perfect for blackhead-prone and pimple-prone skin. 

After I put my moisturizer, I test and make sure that there is no oil left. I dab my oil control film specially on my nose and forehead because that is the part where oil builds up most of time. 

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