So much for not posting for more than 2 weeks, here I am again... haha, finally survived college's first wave. Everything was sorta fun but I don't like travelling from home to school for hours. I'm not used to it. My sister and I went to The Mind Museum yesterday, we did a little field trip because in college, there will be no more fieldtrips. 

With bae. hahah   //   Selfie with Stan :)

lol, an anatomy of a toilet.

Bag {Covington // Sears}

Rings {set 1 LovelyWholesale} ; {set 2 LovelyWholsale}
Necklace {LovelyWholesale}

Top {BAYO} ; Blazer {6ks}
Tights {Style & Co}

Flats {Dressale}

                 We went to Fullybooked to look for Haim's album but they were out of stuck and we also bought Starbucks. Java Chip Frap for me (as usual), Green Tea Frap for my sister. 

*photos taken with android, edited through vsco cam

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