You’re a hard worker who loves the office after it’s emptied out. You like to tip toe around the vacant halls after everyone else has gone home and stare out the window at the darkening night and twinkling lights of families having dinner and kids listening to their last story before bed. You’re a workaholic, but you are many things before that. It’s a part of your DNA, that very part that also pulls you to all that is better and without comparison. You are a stylish man who appreciates a salty ocean breeze in your hair, not because it is cool or refreshing, but because it is earned. You went out to meet that breeze, it did not find you. If you understand the sentiment I describe, you understand what it means build something with your imagination and hands in concert. You are a conductor of life, and few things that happen, happen to you. You happen to them.

Motor Yacht Tatiana
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Because no decision you make is arbitrary, it is a puzzle to know exactly how to reward yourself for the late nights and early mornings. You want something that represents the timelessness of perfecting something. You want something that whispers to you and everyone you get close to that mediocrity is the same as failure and that failure is the same as not even trying. A Rolex is one of these things. To call it a watch would be to call a Porsche a car or a whale a sea creature. A Rolex is something specific that means something all unto itself. We can’t all afford one, and of those of us who can, even fewer knows exactly what it means. It’s beautiful. It is like the gravity of all the planets gliding past all of the suns in the universe working in concert with subtle pulls of gravity. It’s beautiful because it doesn’t call attention to itself while at the same time mesmerizing everyone in proximity. It’s no more a watch than you or I is just a homo sapien. 

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