"We count the calories then we make them delicious." - Fit Food Manila

And my "diet" chronicles continue haha, Taking advantage of my semestral-break since I am having a staycation, might as well lose some pounds :) Fit Food Manila's service is very good and I am still hung on the fact that even though I am only consuming 1200 calories per day, I feel full and satisfied with the food that is full and exploding with flavors. 

1,200 Calories / day
P1,850 / 5 days
Delivered Daily (Night Before)
P50-P80 delivery fee / day
Text: 0917-724-0222
1,500 and 1,800 calories also available!

Their surprise snacks are so good, no kidding. To be honest, the only meal I didn't like is the Mexican Vegetable and Bean Burrito, (I guess I was born to hate beans) but everything else was really satisfying and good. 
Day 1 1200kcal diet! #resisttemptation haha @fitfoodmanila 💕

Day 1 meals

Day 2 meal! Pizza, meat and burrito! @fitfoodmanila 💕

Day 2 meals

Yay for Day 3! 😄 @fitfoodmanila

Day 3 meals

Day 4! Excited for the dinner 💕 @fitfoodmanila

Day 4 meals

The last day has come! Finally haha @Fitfoodmanila 💕

Day 5 meals 
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