So much for my "vacation"... I decided to go to the local night market and check out some new stuffs and I went to my favorite stall where they sell graphic tees for a very low price (uhm 70 php per shirt, ain't that cheap?!) and I bought three shirts, I got my top from that stall and went to other stalls to look for other cool stuffs. 

I am still planning to go there again this Saturday morning because I went broke last week haha. I am going to grab more graphic tees because that completes my everyday outfit when go to school. Graphic tee + black jeans + flats. I am also going to get some pencil skirts/peplum skirts so I have something to use to our class defense. 

Denim Jacket {Thrifted // GAP} ; Shirt and Skirt {Night Market}
Boots {Lovely Wholesale}

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