I basically live in leggings hahhaaha even though I don't wear one on school, I still live in it. I have black, navy blue, gray, black, black and black hahaha so don't ask me why I wear the same leggings or pants over and over again because I do have two or three of the same thing. That's just how I roll. 

People always ask me "What genre of music do you like?" I say genre doesn't really matter for me because I like almost all genres. I guess if I like the beat of the song and the words of the song is catchy, sooner or later it will be an earworm. My music library has a variety of music in it, from crazy EDMs to indies to crazy pop to rock to 80's and 90's music. I have a lot of guilty pleasures on my playlists hahaha Once you get to see one's music library, you'll get to know the person better. 

shet ano ung nasa wire? haha 

Tee {Lovely Wholesale} ; Jacket {Style & Co}
Button up {Topshop // Thrifted} ; Leggings {Love Exit}
Shoes {Lovely Wholesale}

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