Christmas season is the perfect season to say thank you to the people who've been kind to you throughout the year, also thanking the people who've ruined your day or weeks or months. Probably your asking me why thank people who ruined days of your year. You have to say thank you to them because they made some of your days full of thrill and you've conquered those moments which made you stronger and more experienced. You learned new strategies on how to ace things and make things better and faster thanks to them. Last-minute shopping or not, click "continue reading" to check out some awesome things for all ages, all sexes, all races to have for yourself and to give to the people who've been good to you. 

Unisex Gift Ideas

(top-left: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green; top-right: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith; bottom-left: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs; bottom-right: The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan)


The best thing about giving books is that every book has their own uniqueness. Although one may resemble another one, for sure it has still that element which makes it different. Once you already read them, I know for sure that you won't throw it away that easily. It would such a waste if people would just throw books away after they have read them. Such an act of disrespect to the author. Books can give you long-lasting gift of lessons and emotional knowledge and it is the key to open our imagination and much more.
(Sunglasses c/o Girl Stuff Rodz)

Sunglasses are the best accessories and the best way to hide those fluffy eye-bags which are the worst. These sunnies are my bestfriends specially the one at the bottom because they are foldable (not that other sunnies can't be folded but this is special, it can be folded between the two lense). 

( Nude Move S & Espresso Gear 4 c/o Digits Trading)
Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers are awesome but bluetooth speakers are game changers specially for music junkie for me. Our generation lives in everything wireless, somebody please invent a wireless charger please. haha 

(both from Papemelroti)

I don't know about you guys but I do write a lot of things, thoughts, plans, events, outfit ideas, basically everything that hits my mind. I even write fictions but I never wrote journals, maybe some days but I never did everyday journal, nobody got time for that haha. 

(Pentel Water Colors and Prang Oval Pan Water Color Set)
Water Color Set

Here's for the more artsy-fartsy people out there, I am seriously not the most artsy ever. The reason why I did not sign up for architecture and fashion design is that I can't draw. Like ever. But I do love web designing, making graphics and taking photos. Water color art is all-over the internet and it can be a source of income. A lot of people are already monetizing their works through the internet specially at Etsy. 

For Her

(Black Bucket Bag c/o The Yellow Booth PH; Black Aztec Bag and Brown Satchel c/o Get 2 Go Bags) 

My favorite type of purses are cross body bags because my hands should always be ready in case I have to slap people (lol joke, I don't slap people hahaha (only if you're one of my closest friends)) 

(Adidas Top Ten Low Cut White, Night Market Blue Moccasin, Cinnamon Bow Sandals in Silver c/o Vanilla Twist PH)

What kind of girl/woman doesn't want/need shoes? Here in Manila, heels aren't gonna be your feet's bestfriend because of the rocky pavements and even if you drive, I believe safety comes before fashion, who wears heels when they drive? Like seriously. You should have at least a pair of ballet flats reserved in your car. Just put your heels after you've parked ;)

For Him
(photo source)


It doesn't have to be a super luxurious watch but Christmas only comes once a year, it's time to invest in a durable watch for your man. :)

(photo source)

Same thing applies from purses to backpacks. (am already running out of words and getting sleepy already hahhahaha :))

*I am not getting paid to make this blog post though items with captions with c/o are sent to me by lovely shops :) all opinions are mine. no place for bull shitting here hahahah
*also I did not proofread this post because I already am really sleepy, so if there are any grammar mistakes or misspellings, feel free to comment it down below haha (do your job grammar nazis ;))
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