My sister and I are very huge fan of Adventure Time, you may say it's already an addiction. When La Nina Fashion sent me perler beads, the first thing that pops on my mind when I asked myself "What shall I do first?" Adventure Time characters! woooh! hahaha If you want to know *cue do i wanna know by arctic monkeys now hahaha* how I did this cuties using perler beads, click "Continue Reading" now! :)

Okay, I lied hahah the first thing that I did was this thing, haha this is supposed to be a "ferris wheel" based on the template and instructions.

Step 1: Select the colors of your bead

Step 2: Arrange your beads on your peg board appropriately :)

Step 3 and 4: Get your wax or parchment paper and put it on top of the beads and iron on top, I ironed my beads on the highest setting probably 5-8 seconds. Remove your masterpiece from your peg board and iron the other side :)

The good thing with this set from La Nina Fashion's Perler Bead set is that it is already complete with 5 different sizes of peg boards (small square, big square, circle, star, and heart peg boards), tweezers, 16 color beads , pre-made stands, and manual. The only thing you'll need other than the set is a iron. 

For the photos below, I used templates from the internet and copied the designs. It is simple as making cross stitching (is that even a word hahah) btw, who's your favorite Adventure Time character? Mine is Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) I made a huge one, it's too big I ran out of light purple beads hahaha but no ragrets haha (please don't correct me everytime I post "no ragrets" on twitter and instagram hahaha, If you've watched We're the Millers, you'll surely connect haha good movie though!)

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