I bought this top impulsively because of it's color at a random stall with my friends when we went to Divisoria because we only have one class that day. It was my first time to ride the PNR and it was an ecstatic experience for me. hahaha

I watched a movie called "As Above, So Below" with my siblings yesterday, and with being completely clueless, the fact that I haven't read anything about the movie nor watched the trailer, I didn't know what to expect from the movie because all I know is that the story will include the Catacombs of Paris because I saw the movie banner. The movie is a found-footage (i don't know what to call it, the type of filming is like from the movies Paranormal Activity and Rec). After 20 minutes or so, I started to feel some chills and as a mythology junkie, I actually liked the story line of the movie. It's not like one of those *acting is so bad it turns it's genre from horror to comedy*. So scoot over Stay Alive, you've been replaced as my favorite horror movie.

Top {Divisoria} ; Jeans {Gloria Vanderbilt}
Rucksack {Dresslily} ; Shoes {Ezra // Zalora}

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