All black errthing! well almost hahaha, how are your holidays going? Well ours will be a rainy one. I told you before, it's impossible to get cold here without raining, it's a package deal which is a total bummer. My family and I will spend our noche buena and Christmas day here at my lola's house, which has been a family tradition. So you're probably thinking why am I at our house in these photos when I'm at my lola's house hahah, these photos were taken a week ago. *wink wink haha

Also, I told you before that I basically live in leggings. Look at this one, it has been worn so many times, the color is starting to fade. If you're thinking why do I always have that blue ribbon on my wrist, it's a hairtie. I saw one at papemelroti weeks ago and it was too pricey. They retail a piece of it for 39 php, I got mine for only 20 php for a set of 5 at Divisoria. 

Blazer {Moon Fairy // Thrifted} ; Shirt {Talbots}
Leggings {Style & Co.} ; Shoes {Adidas}

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