2015 GOALS


In contrast to the wishlist that I made for 2014, in which I listed all the material things that I want to save up for the year, I decided to make a list goals, not just material things but also a tad of personal things I want to remove and add to my life, adventures and blogging. 

Let go of the past.

I read my sister's book (Just For Today: Guidelines for Living) last night and read these paragraphs:

There's a Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown says to Lucy, "You're going to be proud of me, Lucy. I've decided that this year is going to be my year of decision! This is a list of the things in my life that I'm going to correct. I'm going to be a better person!: 
Lucy responds, "Not me. I'm going to spend the whole year regretting the past. It's the only way, Charlie Brown. I'm going to cry over spilt milk, and sigh over lost loves. It's a lot easier. It's too hard to improve. I tried it once. It drove me crazy!"  
Are you holding on to the past instead of letting go to grasp the present? Reread the scripture above and thank God for the renewal of His Spirit. You're on the threshold of a new year. Make the most of it with His help.

I always find myself reminiscing good and bad memories from the past, I have to let go of the past and grab the opportunities of the present and future to make new memories. 

Blog more but more creative.

I've blogged more posts in 2014 than 2013 but I want to have blog posts that have more content in terms of thoughts and photos. I have experienced sitting in front of my laptop, not even knowing what to write especially when I've pre-shoot tons of outfit posts, the words in my mind are starting to drown me I can't put my shit together. 

Get out of the bed and go out there. 

My friends and blockmates know that I don't get out much,. Even after classes, I'd go straight home and ditch some group meetings and "barkada gala". I just have to get more sleep even though I sleep more than I actually need. Also, I don't like going out  much because I'm a thrifty-head, I don't like spending money on transportation and mainly eating. The clothes at the mall are way too expensive (for me), I go to our night market atleast once a month and I go for a shopping spree there haha. (I'm on my bed, in my jammies as I am writing this blog post, the irony haha)

Be clutter-free.

I have already started this one, I decided to clean my room, fix my closet, find organizers and even painted my wall white. Still trying to figure out what to put on three blank white walls, if you have an idea, please comment down below. :) 

Eat healthier foods.

My classes will start tomorrow (Jan 6) and also the start of bringing lunch food because I don't like the food they sell on campus, the food is not worth the money because if not too oily, the meat is small and covered with tons of flour/breading. This is why I have trust issues haha. 

Book more projects.

And by projects, I mean blog related projects not school related projects because ain't nobody got time for that. 

Save more money.
I grew up in a family that you have to work hard or save hard for the things that you want. We've been spending our own money/savings on things like our phones, clothes, shoes and laptops. I will be turning 18 in year 2016 which means I can have more adventures/travels. 
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