Grumpy face because the sunlight is blinding me, must keep my eyes open, must not squint haha. Earlier today, as per usual routine, I checked my social media feed, I opened Snapchat to watch stories. I watched Nev Schulman's story and he blew me away. It was not his typical his typical kind of story where he entertains us, makes us laugh. It was a pep talk about how to win the fight against hatred. (you can read an article version here)
"We have been carelessly participating in the beautiful act of freedom of speech and self expression. Except rather than appreciating it and using it to support creativity and spread positivity, too many of us use it thoughtlessly to belittle and demean the things we dislike."

Wore my sister's DIY as headpiece and necklace lol, it is actually a headpiece inspired by Doctor Who's Clara Oswald. But as I was shooting myself, the pins got loose and slowly drift from my hair haha hence, I used it as necklace.

For this outfit, I chose my short sleeve cardigan and tights, both from Style & Co., lace top from Krizzhae's Fab Shop, skort from Divisoria, boots from Lovely Wholesale, pancake choker from Sweet Cheeks Jewelry.


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