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If you followed me on Twitter or you've read my Lois along the Lane vol. 1 & 2 post (read here), you know that I've painted my room white and the current curtains that I use don't go well with the vibe. ctwotop.com offers a huge selection of different kinds of curtains including kids curtains, nautical curtains, striped curtains, floral curtains, country curtains, blackout curtains, bedroom curtains, modern curtains. You can customize your order based on your top construction (curtain rods) you have at home, and also the size of the curtain. They also offer a huge selection of comforters, pillows, sheets, and bath towels. For my room, I am trying to have a monochromatic/modern look. 

These curtains has something in them that gives a relaxing vibe and using a striped curtain make your room look wider and bigger. The wider the gaps between colors are, the cleaner-looking and stylish the curtains are. 

In case you don't know what blackout curtains are, they are opaque fabrics used to black out light. Which is perfect for me because I love to sleep during daytime but can never sleep with the lights on or sunlight is entering my room. 

Solid Burgundy Curtain (USD59.99) // Solid Black Curtain (USD $46.99)

These curtains are on the top of my choices. save the best for last right? With simple and clean look, this will step up my IG game haha.

*this is a sponsored post

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