"Formal dresses and evening wears come in different fabric. offers various formal evening dresses, which are made from satin, chiffon, taffeta, tulle, etc. Take a look at the find right dress, according to the theme, season and of course your taste."

          Formal/Prom season (in the Philippines) is just around the corner, and remember my School Formal Dresses post? I asked you what more can I actually ask for? This post is the answer! Of course, cheaper formal dresses! We all know how much I love color white (in case you just found out, yes, I love the color white.) it just makes everything look so classy and put-together. Whatever your favorite color is, has it in their swatches. Here are my top (10 dresses) picks from's Cheap Formal Dresses category.

         With some silver jewelry, you totally go boho with this dress, the daintier, the better. I also recommend using a boho headpiece to complete the look ;)

         The neckline of this dress is such a statement piece; you won't even need a necklace anymore. Also, can you feel the ballerina vibe? Totally digging this style!

        Can I just take a little bit of your time to appreciate the person who did this super detailed dress? Look at how amazing the dazzles are, also the pleats of the dress. You can also wear this on night-outs and parties! Making the most out of your formal dress is one of the best things. 


           I was in phase where I want everything asymmetrical, especially skirts. There's just something magical when I wear one, so flowy, so elegant. I love it how greek goddesses wear white dresses, it truly proves that even the simplest things can make you look more beautiful.

         Another dress with an awesome detailing, I seriously want to learn how to draping and pleating. Just look at how structured the top is, isn't that something?!

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