After 10 days, my friends and I meet up again to catch up. Things were planned last Friday and thankfully, everything went according to plan except that we all arrived an hour late which is nothing new. The night before, I picked the things that I am going to use and read some blogs for inspirations and all things that relates to blogging. I slept around 2:00am and set the alarm at 8:30am, I have 6 and a half hours of sleep.

The purse is probably the most pickpocket proof purse that I own, it is from Get 2 Go Bags. I've always read stories about people who lost their valuables through pickpocketing (yes, that's a word. see here) and I am not an exemption. I've lost my 6 months old phone and I was phone-less for 2 months. The most annoying thing about losing your phone is having to remember a new phone number, no haha just kidding, the most annoying thing is that my list of contacts are all gone, lesson learned? Always have a backup, there are tons of mobile apps that offers that. Moving on...

For this outfit, I chose my forever trusty jean jacket from Style & Co., shirt from Animal's Wave, Leggings also from Style & Co., shoes from Adidas and Purse from Get 2 Go Bags
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