Lois along the Lane (get that? haha Lois Lane hehe) will be a new series in my blog that will happen weekly, posts would be probably up every Saturday evening (in this case, Saturday; 1:45 in the morning). I'll be compiling some snaps from my gallery, for short, I'll be posting photodiaries every week. Hopefully I'll get rid of procrastination and commit to this series. Well the first week of January has only 3 days so I decided to just merge the first two weeks and December 31st in one postpublished my year-end post for 2014 (read here)

  • celebrated new year's eve with the fam (my dog's IG: maxmachiba (yes, my dog has an IG account haha))
  • wrote a list of goals for 2015 (read here)
  • pizza + movie marathon day with fam (angus beef is the 💣💣💣!)
  • paint my room's wall white *cue All by Myself by Celine Dion 
  • the ipad mini that I bought huhu *I crie (sad that I'm finally broke now but happy that I bought it with my own money. next stop: macbook pro) you suck lazada, 6 days delayed shipment (dec 26 - jan 7).
  • the mandatory ipad selfie (I just have to. hahaha)
I'm writing this post 1:51 in the morning because I'm feeling extra productive today, I just finished 4 sponsored posts tonight/today with 400+ words each post. I am so lost for words, I asked my sister for help and finished it. Now, I have to treat her McDonald's. I promise you that the next Lois along the Lane will be more interesting, I just came up with these idea like 2 hours ago and I was not able to document my life earlier. Now that I have white walls, my instagram (follow me here) game will be stronger than ever haha scoot over aliencreature, I am going to take over the grunge people now. hahah (asa ka lois).


  1. This is a great series! Congrats on all the sponsored posts too!


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