Okay, this post is already 2 days late but better late than never right? haha The reason why I was not able to do and publish this last Saturday is because I was doing my Filipino thesis for the last few days. You think doing an English thesis is hard? Wait until you get to do a Filipino thesis. I don't know why it is so hard for me to translate English references to Filipino. Another reason why I wasn't able to do this post is that I didn't do anything that is interesting this week haaha

  • We had a mini-shoot at school for our Finance magazine
  • My sister and I had a movie marathon; this burger has the best dressing ever. 
  • The leather jacket from Yoins already came! 
  • Of course, out of excitement, I already made an outfit post and used the jacket =D
  • Why do I always like a series that gets cancelled eventually, this is the 3rd time for God's sake. If you're going to end the series by cancelling it, don't leave a fking cliffhanger huhu (Jane by Design, Emily Owens, and A to Z rip) 
  • And no, I didn't go to The 1975's concert this year, I already saw them twice last year for FREE thank you Ayala Malls for bringing them here haha suck it new fans, I just saved 14K.
  • Am I the only one here who is addicted to Linebound? 
I think my next volume will be like this again, haha hell week is fast approaching; we still have midterms and thesis defense to take. 

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