Lois along the Lane on a Sunday? haha 2nd strike Lois, great job. *insert 3 clapping hands emoji here* hahaa. Apparently, my predictions from the last volume, read here turns out to be as expected. haha Time was annoyingly fast yesterday, woke up at 12nn and after I checked my notifications and played Plants vs Zombies 2 (can't pass Big Wave Beach, level 27 huhu) boom, it's already dark outside. hashtag-bummer 

  • Didn't review my lectures for midterms (I did though, but can't focus haha); No Ragrets haha the tests weren't that hard and in fact, in English class, our professor told us we can use our notes and books during the test. 3 midterm tests down, 2 more to go. Greatest feeling? Beating the scores of the people who actually reviewed for the test. 
  • Is my high score worth bragging for? haha Comment down below your highest score, Smash Hit is available on App Store and Google Play Store. 
  • Published a new monthly series, read here.
  • Anybody here who has heard Years & Years cover Haim's Don't Save Me? Gaaaaaaaaaaawd I'm in love with that cover. I recently watched The Riot Club and didn't know that the vocalist from this band (Olly Alexander) was one of the members of the club until my sister told me so.
  • Another gift for myself haha I bought a keyboard. 

Oh, it's already February, I already drafted posts for this month, more series to come. I promise that things will be more interesting this time. 

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