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          Dreamy beyond compare, it would take a long process for a bride to pick her dress for that once in a lifetime (or not) event in her life. offers a ton of wedding dresses and evening dresses perfect for prom, homecoming, cocktails, parties, and etc. Now, when shopping at, try not to confuse and drown yourself over the number of options. First things first, know your budget, try not to look on dresses that are over your budget. If you can't resist, and if you really like the dress but the price is over your budget, there's always a "You might also like" bar below, showing quite similar dresses but with a price-cut. Second, know your body type, you can filter the suggestions by clicking the survey on the left sidebar so you can narrow down your options base on your style and body shape. You can pick your size, and offer the photo of your dream dress and as long as you can provide them with the specific information, they can make you your dream dress.

clockwise starting from upper-left: 1st // 2nd // 3rd // 4th // 5th // 6th
          And yes, all dresses and gowns from are on 50% off right now and orders more than 79.99$ are shipped for free. From wedding to prom to homecoming to graduation to accessories. Everything among those mentioned, they have it. Most dresses look like they are from Sherri Hill's collections which is awesome because all of them are pretty but we all know how expensive dresses from her collection is (250$ - 900$).

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  1. Great site! I love looking at gowns :) I dream having a closet full of dresses and gowns. hehe.

    1. I also dream of having tons of dresses too! :D


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