I officially started blogging last January 1st, 2013, I use to take photos of everything and upload 4-5 albums on Facebook every month before. Since I love taking photos and writing, also instead of just uploading tons of albums on Facebook with photos with no verbal content, I decided to make a blog in blogger/blogspot so I can upload photos and give the details of my story. Long story short, I uploaded photodiaries of random events in school, life and whatnots. I started blogging because I want to document my life journey, and to improve my writing skills.

Although blogging is packaged with a lot of perks like fame, earning money and free stuffs, not everyone will get the chance to experience these perks but I do recommend that if you are new to blogging, just be yourself, let your blog be a reflection of who you are and be true to what you feel about writing. The blogland is no place for bull crapping your readers.

Let your blog happen organically, eventually, these perks will come when you are least expecting it. I just wanted to share how I came up with my blog and let you know that you have to have a reason on why you should start or started blogging because blogging is not a piece of cake.

Obviously, Blogging 101 is a new series (duhhh) that will be up every other Wednesdays and will be about tutorials and thought about blogging.


  1. This series sounds great! I'm excited to read it :)

    Caitlin Crawford
    - xoxo

    1. Thank you Caitlin! New updates about this series will be up every other Wednesdays :)

  2. nicely said, I love bloggers who are true to themselves, it really shows in their photos and writing!

  3. Couldn't agree more about being yourself! <3


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