Can you believe how fast time is? Today's actually the last friday of February?! Can not believe that next week will be my birth month already haha! 

  • DIY Oversized Hat - thank God things went well with this DIY haha
  • Parka - It's already summer but that will not be a hindrance for me not to wear this super awesome parka haha.

  • White Satin nail polish from Klik - Going back to the world of monochrome
  • MAT1, boldmatte by Color Sensational from Maybelline and
  • Burt's Bees Repleneshing Lip Balm from Three Day Makeup Sale - Loving this combination lately, though it doesn't make any sense because why would I mix a matte lippie with lip balm right? haha It kinda does put the right balance for me because I don't like heavy product on my lips and I can get the right amount of gloss and color. 

  • see my February playlist here.
  • Years and Years - major crush and lss on the band. 

Movies & Series
  • A to Z - kinda bummed that it is cancelled, kinda bummed that this ended with another cliff hanger. God I love the plot of this series! #whyyyyyy 
  • Red Band Society - The series ended this month and I am super thankful that it didn't end with a cliff hanger. Jordi's Enrique Gil's brother from another mother haha. 
  • Love, Rosie - Perfect reminder that everyone will still get their perfect ending :D
  • That Thing Called Tadhana - another Filipino movie with great hugots hehe

Tech & Apps
  • Fragment - purchased this on Playstore for quite some time now and loving this already. 

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