Whaaaaat? Lois along the Lane on an actual Saturday?! Well, on a late night Saturday haha. It's time to celebrate because I aced (because I don't have a super high standard haha) my midterm tests haha. Don't you just hate it when a person gets a high score and they're like "ohmygod, I got a low score, what am I going to dooooo." yeah right, very sensitive of you *ehem sarcasm ehem* That's the reason why I do not usually review for tests, it raises your expectations and end up disappointed when you get a low score. Exams are taken to test what/how much things you've learn over the semester not just the night before the examination proper. 

  • Old, new and upcoming series are expected in February :) 
  • I have finally finished playing P.T. (spoiler) PT stands for Playable Teaser for Silent Hills. It is so darn hard to finish this thing! Expect a number of mindfxcks and jumpscares haha 
  • Lois' fashion uniform equation: black fabrics + boots + leggings haha 
  • Finally downloaded Afterlight and Fragment on Google Playstore, thank God Google Playstore accepts Paypal because I don't have a credit card and I have no plans of getting one. 
  • Watched God Help The Girl, look! it's Ollie of Years and Years haha. I love the soundtrack of this movie, hate the ending of the movie though. 

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