So how's your valentine's day going? great? you don't need a partner to celebrate valentines, sometimes you just have to share the day with the people you love the most like your friends and especially your family. Today has been an awesome day (let's exclude the boring and tiring 2-hour trip from Uni to home shall we?) and this week is overflowing with good news particularly my uni midterm grades haha. 

  • Finally got some personalized stuff from Istorya. I've always wanted to have my name on my favorite accessories. 
  • Also joined the DayRevolution haha, Follow me maybe? :) http://dayre.me/loisbaguio
  • After 4 long months of waiting, finally got to see Love, Rosie! A match made in heaven but I still ship Jamie x Lily though haha. I super recommend this movie if you're a rom-com junkie.
  • Updated my blog layout added some blog series icons. Please tell me if it was a good idea or it just adds to my sidebar clutter
  • Spent my vday at Uni because of a 3-hour Finance class, bummer haha but I got to spent the day with my friends and called the day Black Saturday because we were all wearing black shirts haha. 
  • Bought another 2 notebooks from Papemelroti, a mini planner for my blog post calendar, another for random writings. 


  1. Loving the new blog changes. The icons are really great and very eye catching!


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