The fact that I missed last week's volume quite annoys me somehow, but whatever. Today's the last day of the month and can you believe how fast time is? It will be my month-long birthday celebration real soon (not really haha). But for today, here's how my 8th and 9th week of the year rolled.

  • I went to Blogopolis and #LiveToFeel event
  • Published a new episode from my Blogging 101 series
  • Also published 2 fashion posts 
  • Shared my top 10 dream destinations (foreing countries) 
  • Also shared what's inside my university rucksack
  • Made a review of my all time favorite acne treatment
  • Favorite game at the moment, Slendrina (so many chills for this game)
  • Really bad sore eyes at the moment haha

made it to my goal of having 20 posts a month! What's my wish for the month of March? MORE PRODUCTIVE DAYS! more series to come! yay 😊

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