Didn't I tell you that a lot of new series will start this month? Well here's another where I get to list the top things that I personally prefer. This series will be updated every other Tuesday, we'll call this series Top Tuesdays okay? okay. 

For today, I'll be list top nine of the apps that I use specifically in college. I don't really use some of these for college especially Mathway and Calculator because I don't have math class this semester but these apps are really handy. 

Reminders & Notes (iOS only)
Obviously, for homeworks and lectures, even though I don't really some of my homeworks at home. 

Ted (iOS & Android)
Sometimes when I feel unmotivated, I watch a lot of Ted talks to gain interesting ideas and theories from the speakers. 

Dictionary (iOS & Android)
I used this app to search for the terms I need in the bibliography section of my thesis, 

Calculator and Mathway (iOS only)
I wish I have known mathway since highschool, it solves any mathematical problems and shows you the solution. 

Duolingo (iOS & Android)
I think it's the best app to use to learn other languages, currently learning German ('cause I'm half, your argument is invalid haha)

Dropbox (iOS & Android)
Of course, I can't share my files and photos from my iPad to my PC (vice versa) via bluetooth because Apple products are such an ass. 

Google Translate (iOS & Android)
Believe me, I've been speaking Filipino for 16 years and I still find it hard to translate English references into Filipino for my Filipino thesis. Even though the app doesn't give me a 100% accurate translation, I still like it because it eases the challenge for me. 


  1. thank you this was really helpful :) I'm not going to UNI but my friend is so I'll be sure to show her your blog post

  2. Dropbox is helpful indeed..
    hmm, I wanna try duolingo... Wanna try to learn different language as well.. Hmm, French may do.
    Is this app free?? I'll try to search it out.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentines to you..

    Almera from One Frozen Mind

    1. Yes Almera 😊 all of the apps above are for free!


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