Another Sunday, another tag. For the 3rd time, haha I'm tagging everyone who came and will come across this post :) For today, I'm doing the What's In My Bag Tag but will do the university edition first so wait for the everyday edition soon hehe.

1. My book for English 1023
2. My book for History 1013
3. My binder for all of my subjects
4. A notebook for my blog post plans
5. Hard case envelope for random papers and pens

What's in my hardcase envelope? :)
1. Random files (yellow papers, index cards, regi cards, handouts, 1x1 and 2x2 photos haha)
2. Keychains (Eiffel Tower, UK Telephone Booth and Halohalo Charm)
3. Uni planner
4. Blog planner
5. G-Tec, Fine-Tech, Frixion pen(for erasure means wrong tests haha) and Highlighter

1. iPad mini (I don't really bring this with me all the time)
2. Make up bag (I am really not a narcissistic parson though haha The pouch was given to me by a friend haha)
3. Wallet

1. Powerbank
2. Phone
3. Tumbler
4. Umbrella (It's either it's too hot or rainy on campus. There's no in between haha)


  1. i've always wanted to do this type of post but i'm no fashion blogger HAHA buti na lang may excuse na ko! thanks for default tag haha

    1. hahah you don't actually have to be a fashion blogger to do tags :D

    2. yeah i mean the "what's in your bag" type of posts hehe, i usually only see them w/ fashion bloggers hehe >XD


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