Select a blogging platform 
I personally prefer the platforms blogger/blogspot and wordpress. The two have their own advantages and disadvantages, read here if you can't choose a platform. You can always transfer to another platform, just remember that it will take a lot of process.

Set your social media usernames and/or domain identical to each other
If you want people to remember you, make sure that you have identical social media usernames. It will be easier for your readers to find you. 

Create a clean blog layout
There are a lot of free templates out there and you can always customize them but make sure that you read the copyright properties of the template. Use identical social media icons, as much as possible, do not use the widgets/follow buttons offered by the site itself. Be clutter free and make sure that they are responsive. Do not put auto-loading music and also, even though the my fetus blog is guilty of this, do not use a dark background with light text.

Learn a thing or two about Photography
A good blog always has good photos. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how to take good photos and retouch photos online. 

Brainstorming blog post ideas
Weeks ago, I decided to make a blogging calendar where I get to set the date for a specific blog post to be published. Listing blog post ideas then drafting them in advance is such a life saver, it helps you get on track and post regularly. 

Join Facebook blogging groups
I've join numbers of Facebook groups, networking with other bloggers and readers is another tip. It just widens the number of your blog readership. 


  1. Very useful post even, for those of us who already have blogs.

    Love your blog and I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Thank you for the nomination Nomaqhawe! :D


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