On the previous episode of my blogging 101 series, I shared 5 things that you should DO before blogging (read here). For today's episode, I am going to share to you another 5 things that you should KNOW before blogging (can you follow? haha). 

Blogging takes a lot of time to build readership
If you are looking up to monetizing your blog, know that it will take you months or years to establish a readership. To make your blog successful, you need to establish a blog post calendar, which means as much as possible publish your posts on time. It'll be easier for you and your readers to keep on track. 

You are your own boss and employee
Unless you have a community blog with a lot of contributors or you actually hire a person to do such things (but I recommend that you do things on your own to keep things personal), you are your own boss and at the same time, your employee. You are your own photographer, writer, director, producer, etc. 

You have a total freedom of expression but...
You have a total freedom of expression but if you want to stay out of trouble and leave a bad trademark for you and your blog, there are rules to follow. Such as seeking for permission when using visual and auditory materials for your blog. Make sure to read the copyright properties of the materials.

Be unique or be just like everyone else
To be just like everyone else won't get you anywhere. You are just going to be an echo of another blog, you have to build your own voice.

Be open-minded and try everything
It's alright to try and fail to something than keeping your what ifs in the near future, trying to think and regret the things you've never tried. There will be a first time for everything. 

You are your own boss and employee
You are basically everything, you are your own writer, photographer, stylist, accountant, manager, socialist, etc. You're very likely to run your own blog, unless it's a community blog.

The major key to establish a successful blog is commitment.

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  1. such great advice :) at which point would you say you've build a readership? how many views a day? xx


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