• Sunday, my highschool friends visited me haha another birthday celebration lol.
  • Monday, I made a written report and presentation for Histo 1013, how can a 14 slide-presentation consume my precious 14 hours. 
  • Tuesday, last day for all subjects except cwts haha party party!
  • Wednesday, I bleached the tip of my hair in preparation for the blue and violet highlights haha 
  • Thursday, 
  • Friday, dad brought another puppy hoooome cutieeeee. we're both half german, (he's half german shepherd haha) your argument is invalid. haha
  • Saturday, spending the day creating content and playing the my dogs haha

LatL on an actual Saturday! *party emojis haha* haha, not a freshie anymore! 2 semesters down, 6 more to go. I can finally stick to my calendar of posts haha. Anybody here who knows a cool part-time job for lazy people like me? Hook me up please haha. 

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