• Sunday, slept like a baby
  • Monday, organized my closet and cleaned my room (finally did it mom haha)
  • Tuesday, re-watched The Riot Club because 4 of my main baes are united. haha (Sam, Max, Douglas and Ollie) 
  • Wednesday, was supposed to meet up with a friend but it was that time of the month *red day you know haha*
  • Thursday, ran some errands, picked up a few things at the post office (have to deal with the shitty employees as per usual) 
  • Friday, I woke up later than the usual (11am is the usual. thank God it's already vacation haha) then went to my granma's flat.
  • Saturday, #whenatgranmas can't stop eating. haha 

And yes! I'm snap everyday so follow me on Snapchat! (loisbaguio) probably not the most creative snapper/snappist (wtf) but we'll get there haha. 

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